What should I bring?

To ensure the most accurate fit, bring your shoes and any undergarments you plan on wearing with the dress. Shoes are necessary to make sure the length of the gown is accurate. If you do not have your shoes for your first appointment, we can make do with a heel height that is close, but we recommend that you bring the exact shoes so we can guarantee the hem length.

Undergarments, like strapless bras, bustiers, or spandex shapewear, are not mandatory—there’s no set requirement for what you must wear under your dress. It’s about what makes you comfortable, and only you can decide what will make you feel the most confident and comfortable on the day of the wedding.

How long in advance of my event should I make my appointment for?

Regardless of when you want your alterations completed, you should always book early.  You will find significantly fewer appointment openings if you initially reach out to us 6 months or closer to your wedding date. Even if you are ordering your dress and it will not be delivered for a few months, still call and we will work around the approximate delivery date of the dress. 

Generally, we like to get brides in for a first fitting two to three months before the wedding. However, that time frame may vary based on appointment availability during peak season.

Bridesmaids and all other formal wear dresses only need about a week to a week and a half to turn the dress around after the fitting date. However, that is not always possible if scheduling is already heavy and can increase the time period between fitting date and the completion date.

Because of how quickly our schedule fills up, we recommend calling as soon as you purchase or order your gown. Even if your appointment is further out, we want to ensure we have time set aside for you.


What to Expect

The number of fittings will vary based on the type of dress and what alterations need to be done to the dress. Most bridal gowns need at least two fittings and then a final try-on at your pickup.


The first fitting is where we handle initial fit concerns and talk about what the dress will need overall. We will look at your dress in a very detailed manner, evaluating its construction and the method of alterations that we will need to perform.  We discuss with you the various choices that you have for our altering of the gown and how the different methods affect our timetables and pricing.  


At the second fitting we will be checking the fit of the initial adjustments and addressing anything we couldn’t handle at the first fitting.

At each fitting, we have you put your dress on and we pin the dress to mark where it needs adjustments. We work through all your fit concerns during this time and make sure you are comfortable with the way it feels.

We then set a date for the dress to be completed. On the completion date, your dress will be ready starting at 2 o'clock. This is not an actual appointment time, just our benchmark for completion. You can drop in any time after 2 on the day of completion, or at any time during our open hours after that. We recommend that you try your dress on one last time when you come to pick it up.

How soon can you get my dress finished?

We try to offer rush services, completing your dress within a week for a rush fee, should an emergency arrive. Often, though, due to the volume of need during peak season, even all of our emergency sessions are full!

Outside of emergencies, our pace of work is generally set by how well my schedule lines up with yours.  We can usually schedule your follow-up fittings about a week or two apart once we initially get you in the books.  If you only have Saturday morning availability, it may be months before we can book you -they fill up fast.  But if you can make yourself available at less popular times; for example, a Tuesday morning, then you may be able to get on the books within a week or two.  This all depends on the season as well.   

Bringing Family and Friends

It is recommended for brides to bring 1 person to your fitting for moral support and to enjoy the experience with you.


We price based on each individual item done to the dress. If your dress only needs the bodice adjusted, you are only charged for the bodice adjustment. If it only needs hemmed, you are only charged for the hem, and so on.

Unfortunately, we cannot quote accurately without seeing the dress and cannot give you an exact estimate over the phone. We can sometimes give you a rough ballpark but we cannot guarantee any pricing until we meet with you, as every dress is different and the construction inside the gown will make the price vary greatly.

If you would like a more accurate estimate, we can get a better idea if you have a picture of the dress--preferably with you in it. However, the single most accurate measure is having the dress in front of us. We can give quotes on a walk-in basis, but to get you in the dress and get actual pricing, we suggest making an appointment.


At each fitting, we will make the markings on the dress and present you with an invoice for each separate adjustment we are doing to the dress. We ask for a payment of half the invoice balance at each fitting so that we can start the work.

If you cannot make a payment the day of your fitting, that’s totally fine—we just need that amount each time so that we can start the sewing. We are happy to accept partial payments or work out a payment plan with you.

If your next fitting or pickup date rolls around and we still do not have that payment, we will need to reschedule your appointment until that half-down is paid. Your entire account balance must be paid before we can release the dress to you. We accept cash and most cards, except American Express and we cannot accept checks.